Thursday, September 8, 2011

Five Habits of Success.

This article I read today was absolutely inspirational.
As a young, single mom, life is hard. There's work, school, personal dilemmas, and raising Little Miss. There are times when life seems downright impossible.
Now would be one of those times.
So reading this article gave me some ideas on what I need to work on to be successful.
Number One: Stand up to Fear.
Definitely working on this one right now.
Isn't it amazing how sometimes little things happen that really apply to your situation, hardship, life at that moment?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Another day with my sweet Little Miss.
First, we had fun playing in the bath. We splashed and giggled and got all clean.
Then, we got our pictures taken. It was a little rocky to start, but then she realized that Mommy was silly and smiled for us.
Then, we came home, played with the kitty, and took a long nap.
After our nap, we played some more.
Then, my big girl ate carrots! It took a little bit of work, but we're starting to get it. Of course, we got quite a bit on our hands and face.

We played some more, and now we're all tired out and sleeping.
Surprisingly, and excitingly, she went to sleep without fighting. Of course, this probably won't happen again, but I definitely am thankful it did tonight.
Now for finishing up the night with some homework. Good night all!


I really needed a reminder that I am getting stronger.
It doesn't always feel that way, but after the pain eases and the shock clears, I hold my head up a little higher.
One of these days, I won't even think of you. One of these days, I will be completely indifferent to you.
One of these days, you really and truly will just be a memory, and I'll be stronger.

Monday, September 5, 2011

She is a Breeze.

She is a breeze.
As gentle and cool as a glance,
Raise of a slender brow,
High heels and lace.
Confidence, yes.
A breeze teeming with knowledge;
I can,
I will be,
I am.
More than a wish,
More than hope.
A breeze that rises
High above foggy valleys,
Cars horns, angry roads.
Rushing past
A breeze that glides through the challenges,
Crowds of thunderstorms
Shoving and pushing.
Slides through waving hands,
Flashing lights,
Smooth words.
A breeze that is
Laden with the grief and pain
Of a past.
Still moving forward.
Past distraction;
Past confusion.
Becoming more than a might be;
More than a will be.
A breeze, she is.


I really needed this. Thanks Talk 2 the Trees.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthdays and Blessings.

Wow. It's crazy to think that my Little Miss has grown from a little tiny spec into a 13 pound, giggling little blessing. She's grown from a little being that I hadn't even fathomed into my whole world. This time last year, I would have never imagined that I would become a mother to such a perfect little girl. And yet, even then she knew me. Her little cells were multiplying at an incredible rate to create what would become her.
 Happy 3 Month Birthday today to my sweet little girl. And Happy year of existence this weekend. You will always have all of my heart.