Friday, March 16, 2012

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Dreams of Driving.

I wish I could promise you wouldn't hurt anymore. 
And I wish I could promise things would change. 
But I can't.
And they won't. 
Only you can change.
Only you can get away.
 So drive.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Safe & Sound.

You are with God now.
You are safe and sound.

Black Butterfly.

A little black butterfly flew around me today.
My hands were full, my heart was broken. She danced in front of me for only a moment. I couldn't stop to admire her, or thank her for stopping by before flying away.
I know she's in heaven, flying with the angels. Her pretty little wings are dancing freely. She has the most stunning smile on her face, and when the sun shines and the moon glows, it's her spirit lighting up the world. I know she loves us very much. 
That's why she flew around me today.

Kelsey LeAnne Belcher
September 16, 1993 ~ March 10, 2012
God's most beautiful angel.